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How Can Chiropractic Care Be a Natural Headache Treatment?

Written By East Side Chiropractic on March 5, 2018

Are you one of the 90% of Americans suffering from headaches

Many of us suffer from occasional or frequent dull pains, perhaps even having debilitating, severe pains that make us feel nauseous – but how we “treat” these pains can vary dramatically. 

Some of us may grit our teeth through the pain, hoping it’ll pass with time. Others may hide in a dark room to try and sleep off their headache, while some will reach for the medicine cabinet hoping an aspirin will ease their pain.

However, the really savvy among us have found a much more effective treatment that removes the need for drugs – chiropractic care. 

An Effective Natural Headache Treatment 

Studies indicate that migraines and tension headaches can be effectively treated through the use of spinal manipulation. 

Headaches can arise due to a variety of factors, including lights, stress, and noise (environmental stimulants), and changes in our behavior (e.g. insomnia). Of these headaches, just 5% are an indication that there’s something else wrong with you; 95% are “primary headaches,” i.e. tension headaches or migraines. This means that, in the majority of cases, the main issue is the headache itself.

Furthermore, as most of these primary headaches arise as a result of tension in your neck, chiropractic care offers the best solution. 

Combatting Headaches with Chiropractic 

When you visit a chiropractor in Miami for help with your headaches, they’ll discuss a full treatment program with you. 

This will be tailored to your specific needs and symptoms, often including spinal manipulation to help reduce the tension that’s built up in your body. This aids the overall function of your spine, too. 

Alongside this, your chiropractor will also help you make some necessary improvements to your lifestyle, including how you can improve your posture and diet to overcome your headaches. 

Providing you with relaxation tips, exercises, and recommended foods alongside chiropractic care, your chiropractor can remove any tension in your upper back or neck muscles, thus getting right to the heart of where your headaches are coming from. 

Chiropractors aren’t just trained to provide effective relief for low back pain. 

They also embark on in-depth training programs that allow them to understand just how pivotal the spine is in our overall physical and mental well-being. That’s why, with their help, you can overcome a whole host of symptoms, injuries, and conditions, including headaches. 

For an effective, drug-free, natural treatment for your headaches, look no further than our specialist team at East Side Chiropractic. Book your appointment now by calling 305-403-2595.

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