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How Can Class IV Laser Therapy Ease Chronic Pain?

Written By East Side Chiropractic on October 30, 2017

When you’re suffering from chronic pain, it can be incredibly debilitating. Not only are you incapable of carrying out day-to-day tasks because of your pain, but you’re also unable to relax and enjoy activities due to the constant discomfort you’re experiencing. 

But that’s where Class IV laser therapy can help. 

Proven to increase the blood flow of your body, laser therapy targets pain directly at its source, helping to accelerate the healing process.

How Does Laser Therapy Work? 

Having been approved by the FDA in 2002, Class IV laser therapy has become a popular noninvasive treatment across the U.S. at many chiropractic centers. 

It works by applying a warm laser directly onto the skin, where it penetrates the skin’s surface by several centimeters. The light emitted by the laser boosts your body’s natural healing process by stimulating cellular activity within your injured tissue. 

These types of lasers can be used all over the body, helping to reduce pain, improve healing time, decrease swelling, and increase circulation. That’s why this treatment’s hailed for a whole host of different types of pain and discomfort, from headaches and post-surgical healing to strains and sprains. 

What Are the Benefits of Laser Therapy? 

When undergoing laser therapy in Miami, you can take peace of mind that you’re receiving a drug- and surgery-free treatment for your injury. This dramatically reduces your recovery time and removes any of the steep costs associated with prescription drugs. 

Furthermore, each treatment only lasts approximately 5 to 10 minutes, but the effects of this session will continue to work for up to 24 hours. Most patients see great results after around 3 to 5 sessions, while also experiencing very few, if any, side effects.  

Laser therapy is a wonderful way of using your body’s natural healing powers to relieve post-op discomfort, chronic conditions, and acute pain – providing you with a fast, painless, and safe treatment. 

For a cost-effective method of treatment for your injury, why not get in touch with our chiropractic specialists in Miami today? Simply call (305) 403-2595 to book your consultation. 



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