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The Truth About Auto Injury Treatment

Written By East Side Chiropractic on December 3, 2018

You may have been in a car accident where the injuries you sustained weren’t considered critical.

This is a great relief. However, there may be underlying issues that haven’t manifested yet. Your back and neck are delicate and susceptible to sustaining injuries that may not present themselves for a while.

When they do, it’s going to be painful. This is why it’s a good idea to seek medical attention as soon as you can after being in a car accident. 

The Right Car Accident Treatment

Not only is it essential to seek medical treatment after being in an automobile accident – it's also vital that you receive the correct treatment.

Whiplash is an all-too-common injury to sustain in a car accident. Often, it takes at least 24 hours for it to present any symptoms. 

There are many symptoms associated with whiplash, including shoulder and back pain, dizziness, irritability, issues sleeping, stiffness in the neck, and tingling in your arms or hands.

Whiplash is just one of a number of potential injuries you can suffer from when in a car accident. Because it’s hard to determine the severity of these injuries, it’s recommended that you see your chiropractor straight away and be proactive about your health.

Your car accident treatment should be covered by your insurance. This means that there isn’t a good reason to avoid seeking medical assistance and treatment after an accident. 

If you are experiencing pain in the days following your accident, make sure to make an appointment and get evaluated by a health professional. They will be able to correctly diagnose you and advise you of the right treatment plan going forward. 

Use Chiropractic for Auto Injuries

Chiropractic is an effective way to treat injuries associated with car accidents. 

East Side Chiropractic serves the Miami area with a focus on auto injury treatment. Dr. Damian Martinez, Dr. Damaris Sabater, and Dr. Thomas Khran all have extensive experience in treating patients who have sustained and are dealing with injuries resulting from accidents. 

Collectively, they have a broad understanding of your needs and how you may be feeling after experiencing an automobile accident. Get in touch with East Side Chiropractic today to get on top of your injuries before it’s too late. 

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