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"Dr Garner and his team are so sweet and very professional! I went in search of pain relief in my neck and shoulder. After a few alignments, I'm walking and working again! I feel fantastic and can't wait to see how much fuller my life can be with a healthy spinal cord."

- Kristin C.

"Dr. Garner changed my life for the better. I cannot express my thank-you's enough! If you are looking for a chiropractor, just go to East Side Chiropractic. I recommend everyone here!
I was a gymnast for very many years and the strain and pressure that I put my body through was not natural. I used to not be able to sit or stand for long amounts of time. This made flying and traveling to places very difficult. I am 23 but my body felt as if I was 80 with arthritis.
I spent weeks trying to look for the right chiropractor that would understand the severity of my injuries without breaking my pocket.
Dr. Garner was the perfect Doctor. He was very attentive at my pain and any progress that I made throughout the treatment and was very understanding of my financial situation.

- Leslie M.

"I came to Dr. Garner's office after experiencing horrible back pain for about a month. His office was able to see me the very same day I called. I can't recommend Dr. Garner and the girls in the office enough for their friendliness and compassion. My pain has decreased and overall mood has changed for the better. I can even think more clearly. Thank you East Side Chiropractic Center!"

- Genea E.

"I can't recommend Dr. Garner enough. He's a phenomenal man; very knowledgeable and very kind to his patients.

Less than a month ago, I brought my fiance into his office. At that point, he could barely walk (he had been diagnosed with severe Lumbar sciatica). While he's not 100% back, the amount of pain he experiences daily had dropped dramatically.

Due to the adjustments and stretches and constant care from Dr. Garner, his quality of life has improved incredibly. He can wake up without screaming and crying in pain and even move around a little bit now. A month ago, he wasn't able to do that.

Dr. Garner loves what he does and it shows in how wonderfully he treated us. He's one of the few Drs that actually listened to us and even called us on his days off to make sure that my fiance was doing okay.

- Erica U.

"This is one of the best places i have ever decided to go to so far. I had a low back pain since 2 years ago and i was finally able to get rid of that pain through chiropractic sessions with Dr. Curtis Garner. When i arrived i had low back pain, my right shoulder was lower than the left one and my right hip was slightly higher than the left one. In addition, i was limping from my left leg. In general i was a mess. I never suffered from scoliosis. I never had pain nor nothing. Always worked out well and played soccer with no problem until 2 years ago. The source, probably was long hours sitting on my wallet (Latino custom used to wear it on the left side).
After Dr. Garner saw me and told me what it was i never imagined that such thing was happening inside of my body. Moreover, never thought it was on my spine.
After the first adjustment i never felt better before. two hours later i was playing with unusual speed, stamina, strength and endurance, and the best was no pain!!!
I am so grateful with Dr Curtis for healing me and teach me how my body has such a potential. Now i can sleep peacefully, walk without pain, sit without worrying about my back and performing the simplest tasks a human being can do enjoying them to the fullest. Plus, i don't have the lumps i had on my lower back at the left just by the area of the concentrated pain.
Finally, the staff at East Side Chiropractic is so nice and kind that you really enjoy your stay there.

In general thanks to Dr. Garner for all your help!!

- Limber V.